Monday, August 18, 2008

An interactive poll on the adoption of digital pathology

I thought that one of the ways we can estimate the adoption of digital pathology is to run an admittedly unscientific poll, asking respondents to describe changes they observe in their work environment. With that in mind, I have put together an introductory poll whose results you will be able to see on the blog as respondents reply.

The first question is an attempt to evaluate the internal-influence or "word of mouth" driver of the famous "S" curve [dating back to Bass in 1969. For details, see, e.g., Mahajan's monograph]. The question asks you to specify how many of your colleagues you know have worked with whole-slide images on a computer, have transformed glass slides into digital image collections, have used image analysis to grade specimens, etc.

We don't suggest a strict definition of "digital pathology." Instead we are interested in finding out how many of your peers you see doing what you would consider to be a digital form of pathology.

A couple of quick instructions: (1) Note the slider and move it to see all answer choices as well as the accumulating statistics; and (2) every respondent can only vote once so please don't overlook any of your colleagues, you won't have a chance to update your answer. Finally, we will keep the poll open for two (2) weeks. The results are displayed live at all times.

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