Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BioImagene launches digital pathology "2.0" ahead of USCAP

BioImagene has another announcement out today, introducing Virtuoso. This is a "next-generation digital pathology solution." Dr. Ajit Singh has a great quote in the press release, explaining the musical link. I still remember his introductory presentation at APIII 2008. Not much time left now for more announcements before the show...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New staffing at BioImagene

There is a press release out this morning about executive-level changes at BioImagene. They've brought in a new Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Doug Sweet. Read more about here. Most recently, he was with Celerus Diagnostics who have an interesting IHC stainer product.

I think one can reasonably expect a very interesting USCAP meeting.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Analysis of top exhibitors at USCAP 2009

You can get a quantitative idea of the rise of digital pathology (DP) by reviewing the exhibitor floor plan at the upcoming USCAP meeting in Boston. Among the top exhibitors are the usual vendors (e.g., Dako and Ventana) but also newcomers. Here is the list:

(40' by 40'): Ventana, Dako North America, BioCare Medical;
(40' by 30'): BioImagene;
(30' by 20'): CAP, Sakura Finetek;
(20' by 20'): Aperio Technologies, Biogenex, Genzyme Genetics, ThermoScientific

BioImagene will also host an exhibitor seminar and is apparently the only DP company to do so.

Clearly a large investment in visibility is being made by DP companies in this last show without a large Omnyx or Siemens or Philips presence. Expect more square feet dedicated to digital pathology at future meetings.